Discovering Toledo

Mode: 8 hours| 5 hours

In Toledo, city of the Three Cultures “Christian, Arab and Jewish”, we will go into the Spanish Middle Ages, unique in Europe for the interrelation of these cultures, and we will explain one of the most beautiful Gothic Cathedrals in the world, a Synagogue and a Mosque.

A UNESCO World Heritage City since 1986, we will see its importance in the time of Charles V, with grandiose constructions worthy of an Emperor of Germany and King of Spain, whose capital was Toledo, the Puerta de Bisagra in the city walls, the Hospital de Santa Cruz, the Hospital de Tavera and the Real Alcázar-Fortaleza de Toledo.

Through its labyrinthine streets with passageways and sheds that tell us of a Muslim building past and of the wealth of the Catholic Church with the expansion of all kinds of convents and monasteries of all the known religious orders.

We will see how in the Middle Ages it became the European University par excellence, with the translation of the Jewish Kabbalah, the Arab Poems, the great Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle into Latin and from there to the intellectuals of all Europe, translating them into their respective languages English, Spanish, German, French, Castilian.

After lunch or some tapas, we can visit the Church of Sto.Tomé which exhibits the famius “The Burial of Count Orgaz by El Greco”.

Duration: 8 hours-5 hours.
Up to 4 people in private car. If there are children, up to 6 people, entrance fees not included.


Cuenca and Monastery of Ucles

Modality: Groups of 1-4 persons| With children up to 6 persons

A UNESCO World Heritage City, it is situated on a rocky promontory whose watchtower was the Arab castle of ¨Cunka¨. Bathed by two rivers, with balconies and viewpoints on both sides of the city, it has a romantic Castilian touch, which links perfectly with its “Casas Colgadas” (Hanging Houses) and the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art. The city’s 13th century Gothic Cathedral also stands out.

During the tour we will explain the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art, the Hanging Houses, the Gothic Cathedral, as well as the castle, the viewpoints and its “Skyscrapers”.

On our way back to Madrid, we will stop at this Castilian watchtower, seat of the Order of Santiago since 1174 with King Alfonso VIII, the same King who liberated Cuenca from the Arabs.

Impressive views for photographers and souvenirs of the Christian Reconquest of the Spanish-Muslim territories. Medieval fortress with towers and Moorish walls, with a monastery that was built in the 16th to 17th century and acquires Renaissance, Herrerian and Churrigueresque features.

Duration: 11-12 hours.
Price for 1-4 people in a comfortable private car. With children up to 6 people. Tickets included for visits to the Hanging Houses and the Abstract Museum.

Aranjuez Palace + Chichón

Modality: Groups of 1-6 persons

We will visit the majestic palace rebuilt in the 18th century, surrounded by different types of gardens, orchards and monumental fountains, then we will visit Chinchón, a small Castilian village, famous for its anisette, main square, castle, convent-parador.

The Royal Palace of Aranjuez, decorated for the most part by Queen Isabel II, who enjoyed it most during her lifetime and decorated it to her taste, although there are still decorative remains from the time of the Habsburgs, who were the ones who started it. Special attention is paid to the wedding dresses of the current King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia and their daughters, as well as those of Don Felipe and Doña Leticia, the current King and Queen of Spain.

You can also see the Royal Ships, the dream boats and the magnificent gardens, the parterre and the Prince with its mythological decorative fountains and the magnificent walks through them.
In Chinchón you will be struck by its medieval main square, which becomes a bullring during the August fiestas. A magnificent town to taste typical products of Madrid.

Duration: 8 hours.
Up to 6 PAX. Includes a wine tasting of wines from the region.

Alcalá de Henares

Modality: Groups of 1-6 persons

Alcalá de Henares is one of those visits you cannot miss if you are in Madrid. UNESCO World Heritage City since 1998 and birthplace of the great Miguel de Cervantes. In our guided tour you will discover the Roman city “Complutum”, but also the Arab part of the city, the Jewish area in its main street, as well as its famous Renaissance University, built thanks to Cardinal Cisneros, or the House-Museum of Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote. A treasure to be discovered.

In Alcalá de Henares, the most beautiful city in the province of Madrid, and since 1998 a World Heritage City, it is essential to visit the Cervantes House, where the author of Don Quixote was born, a reproduction of a 16th-century Castilian manor house.

A visit to the University of Cardinal Cisneros, the Spanish intellectual seedbed, where the Cervantes Prize for Literature is awarded in the auditorium.
A visit to the Archaeological Museum and the Bernardas convent is a must, not forgetting a stroll through its medieval streets and its La Mancha gastronomy.

Duration: 5 hours.
Up to 6 PAX in Private Comfort Car. Entrance to the Archaeological Museum and the Cervantes House included.

Avila and Segovia

Modality: Groups of 1-4 persons | With children up to 6 persons

First we will visit Ávila, a walled city that has been walled for over a thousand years. A religious and mystical enclave full of history and places to discover such as its Cathedral, the church of San Vicente and the Convent of the Incarnation, founded by Saint Teresa. In Ávila, the city of Saint Teresa, Doctor of the Catholic Church and creator of 17 convent buildings throughout Spain and of the Order of the Discalced Carmelites, we will visit the church where she was born and spent her childhood.

The Gothic fortress cathedral and its walls, which have enclosed the old part of the city since the 11th century, are well worth a visit. The walk along its walls to take photos, unique to contemplate its monuments.

The excursion will continue with a visit to Segovia, which like Avila is a UNESCO World Heritage City, internationally known for its 2000 year old Roman Aqueduct, considered one of the most majestic and best preserved ancient civil constructions. We will also visit its 16th century Baroque Cathedral and its characteristic 12th century Alcazar-Castle, famous for its resemblance to Disney World’s Cinderella’s Castle.

Duration: 10 hours.
Up to 4 people in private comfort car or 6 people with children.

El Escorial Monastery | Valley of the Fallen

Modality: Groups of 1-6 persons

In the Monastery of El Escorial, built by King Philip II, for the greater glory of the Habsburgs and as a Catholic reference of the Lutheran Reformation, we will admire its Greco-Roman geometry, its incredible Basilica, the great Library, the Royal Pantheons and the austere royal rooms of the Kings of the House of Habsburg.

All of this is adorned with magnificent works of art, paintings, sculptures, tapestries and Christian relics.

In the Valley of the Fallen, an immense Basilica inside a mountain, built for almost 20 years by the former Head of State, Franco, remains a colossal architectural monument where more than 33,000 Spaniards were buried in addition to its creator who died in the civil war of 1936.

Duration: 5 hours.
Up to 6 PAX in private comfort car. Entrance fees not included.