Berlin Wall in Madrid

The fall of the Berlin Wall, on November 9, 1989, marked an significant date in old Europe. It was the beginning of the end of the Cold War and it was one of those events that mark generations. And although many do not know, in Madrid we have at our disposal a bit of that part of history safely in the Berlin Park, in the district of Chamartín.

Opened in 1967, specifically on November 9, its name is not the only German of the park: besides a statue erected in homage to the immortal Beethoven and another of a bear, symbol of the city of Berlin, the main fountain of the park offers a piece of contemporary history: inside, three pieces of the Berlin Wall commemorate the demolition to which this fountain has been consecrated since 1990.

The monument also has its own anecdote because an excess of professional zeal of the municipal cleaning workers the day before the inauguration, was on the verge of ending one of the symbols of the current history: the graffiti of the Berlin Wall.

So you know, if you want to visit the Berlin Wall, in Madrid you can 🙂