Cibeles Fountain

Built in 1782, the Cibeles Fountain is one of the symbols of the city. Located in the center of the square to which it gives its name, the fountain is framed between the buildings of the Buenavista Palace (Army General Headquarters), Palacio de Linares (Casa de América), Palacio de Comunicaciones (formerly the post office and currently of Madrid City Council) and Bank of Spain.

The fountain represents the Roman goddess Cibeles, symbol of the land, agriculture and fertility, on a chariot drawn by two lions, the mythological characters Hipómenes and Atalanta. The goddess and the lions were sculpted in marble and the rest in stone. The fountain was not only an artistic monument , but it had from the beginning a clear utility for the locals: it had two water pipes that remained open until 1862. From one of them the official water carriers were supplied, which carried the water to the houses and, on the other, the general public was supplied. In addition, the piles drank horses.

The goddess is also an icon for the fans of the Real Madrid football team, where the Madrid team’s titles are celebrated, as well as the successes of the Spanish soccer team.