The Maestro of the Prado. By Javier Sierra

A new theme in dedicated to the Prado Museum, “El Maestro del Prado” based on the novel by famous author.

In 1876, onhis 29th birthday, Teodosio Vesteiro Torres, a young Galician poet committed suicide in one of the Italian Renaissance halls of the Museo del Prado, before he destroyed his literary output and sent a letter to his only friend, writer and Galician, Curros Enriquez.

He was born in Vigo, studied theology at the Seminary of Tui, great musician and poet, moved to Madrid, to live as a writer, working with various media, and wrote the unfinished work “Gallery of Illustrious Gallegos” sad and alone and with the recent loss of his mother, confused by their religious feelings, separate from the “Galicia Literaria” association created by himself, puts an end to their tragic and short life.

Curros Enriquez, perpetuated the memory of his friend, giving him a “Funeral Crown” literary, which participate several writers and intellectuals, but which critics were added, causing great intellectual controversy because “sacrilegious apotheosis of suicide” was done and this in a country like Spain and Catholic was not well seen and the Romantics Suicide as Larra, had passed into history.

From this story, Javier Sierra, makes the “spirit of Theodosius” in his particular “Master” of numerous works from the Prado Museum, revealing the secrets, mysteries, encrypted messages, enigmas of certain works, which for recipients thereof, were more than beautiful works of art based on the Bible, or other sources, but that the “key to paradise” answers to issues taboos, or initiation into “sects” for future release.

Given the time, Renaissance, XV and XVI, the Ottoman expansion with the capture of Constantinople, the emergence of the Protestant Reformation, the Vatican religious crisis and corruption, and the eternal problems that disturbed the Renaissance man like that of today, this is an exciting journey through a world full of uncertainty but also of hope.