Madrid Fallen Angel

The statue of Fallen Angel in Madrid, located in Parque del Retiro, is one of the few outdoor statues in the world dedicated to Lucifer. The composition represents the expulsion of Lucifer from Heaven and is one of the key meeting point of the emblematic garden of Madrid. In the city of Turin (Italy) there is also a sculpture of Lucifer at the top of the Monument to the Traforo del Frejus, and in Tandapi (Quito, Ecuador) is the work entitled The Brutal Power in which the face of the Devil is represented.

Although unknown to many people in Madrid, the statue hides a parallel story related to the afterlife. Not only because it represents Lucifer in his expulsion from Heaven, as we said, but because he is considered by some as a gateway to Hell. One thing that supports this thesis is the location of the figure: at 666 meters above sea level.

But the Fallen Angel is much more than superstition. It is an emblem of the Retiro and Madrid and also one of the most valued and well-known works of the sculptor Ricardo Bellver. In it Lucifer is shown precipitated from Heaven and imprisoned by snakes that tie his arms and legs. Sculpted in bronze and bought by Spain for 4,500 “pesetas”, it was national sculpture award and was exhibited at the Paris Universal Exhibition four years after its elaboration, back in 1877.

The Fallen Angel of Madrid is one of those curiosities of the capital of Spain that you should not miss when you visit it, both for the beauty of the composition and its surroundings, and for that history of superstition and occultism that surrounds this beautiful sculpture located in one of the most emblematic gardens and meeting points of the Spanish capital.